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  • 8730 Georgia Ave suite 300 Silver Spring, MD 20910
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What are your Hours of Operation?

Although Stretch Workz is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, there are daily openings, (Monday-Friday 8am- 8pm) (Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm) . Call us, we may have a same day opening!

What do I wear?

When dressing for your Stretch Workz appointment, wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes — often we suggest you wear your "gym clothes" (long shorts or sweat pants) or "yoga outfit". Jeans or dress clothes, especially belts, can hinder the necessary movements we need to perform. The Stretch Workz experience is not a massage — it is performed completely in public. Please dress appropriately.


Will it hurt?

Believe it or not, this is the number one question people ask on their first visit. At Stretch Workz, the client's comfort is our top priority. Our goal is to relieve pain, not cause it. Sometimes clients will say a stretch "hurts so good" but a client is always in control — we would always stop before going past a client's comfort zone. But know this: when clients get off the table, they often say they feel "lighter" or "taller"( or "vertical") — usually they touch their toes or "shake themselves out". Often they're amazed at how good they feel. It's a nice moment.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 24-hour cancellation notice. Because there is usually a waiting list for available slots, a minimum of 24-hours notice allows us to extend the invitation to someone else. We are very understanding when life happens — just please let us know!

Scheduling is easy by calling (202) 412-6528 or via Appointments

  • Ben is experienced, thoughtful, and funny. The session was both helpful and healthy for my body - worth the time. I feel sooooo much better. Thanks Ben! - Carla Smith via Facebook
  • Best. Decision. Ever. I have never been flexible. I've tried Yoga. I love it but have never gotten good at it, because I get so frustrated with how tight my body is. I also suffer from lower back pain and have tried physical therapy and chiropractic. They are both good, but neither offered lasting relief or helped me to become more limber. I don't know yet what the long-term results will be from stretch therapy, but I do know that I received the best stretch I've ever received and feel great! - Camille F. via Yelp
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