Stretching Benefits

Practitioner-assisted stretching provides many benefits such as increased mobility, injury prevention, improved recovery, and enhanced overall muscle performance.

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Stretching Benefits for Neuromuscular Illness

Because of its broad health benefits, the Stretch Zone Method® is ideally suited to serve Neuromuscular Illness patients by enhancing the benefits those services provide. Further, inclusion of the Stretch Zone Method® provides a unique and distinctive advantage to practitioners within a competitive market.

To facilitate its implementation, Stretch Zone® has developed a special Licensing Program that fits seamlessly into your Chiropractic office or Rehabilitation Center.

By training their massage therapists and physical therapists to become Stretch Zone Method® Practitioners, Stretch Zone Washington D.C. is delivering a valuable new therapeutic service to their clients. The Stretch Zone Method® provides recordable results, and can be easily compensated by insurance or cash. The Stretch Zone® Conversion Kit is designed to perfectly integrate into chiropractic offices and rehabilitation centers by fitting most massage tables, without requiring any additional space.

Want to incorporate The Stretch Zone® Method in your chiropractic or rehabilitation practice? Contact us to attend an Introduction to The Stretch Zone Method® or to schedule a Stretch Zone® Demo appointment at your office.

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