When dressing for your Stretch Workz appointment, wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes — often we suggest you wear your gym clothes (long shorts or sweat pants) or a yoga outfit. And, remember to wear socks!

Jeans or dress clothes, especially belts, can hinder the necessary movements we need to perform. The Stretch Workz experience is not a massage — it is performed completely in public, so please dress appropriately.

Believe it or not, this is the number one question people ask on their first visit. At Stretch Workz, the client's comfort is our top priority. Our goal is to relieve pain, not cause it. Sometimes clients will say a stretch "hurts so good" but a client is always in control — we would always stop before going past a client's comfort zone. But know this: when clients get off the table, they often say they feel "lighter" or "taller"( or "vertical") — usually they touch their toes or "shake themselves out". Often they're amazed at how good they feel. It's a nice moment.

Not at all! We invite anyone and everyone in for an assisted stretch—you don't need to be a seasoned athlete to enjoy the benefits of stretching. Regular assisted stretching provides numerous benefits, and can help address chronic pain.

Yes! As mentioned earlier, assisted stretching isn't limited to just one group of people—everyone can enjoy the benefits it offers. Assisted stretching is very different from yoga or any other activity that helps you gain flexibility, and presents different benefits. If you are already quite flexible, you will still benefit from an assisted stretch.

“We don’t train robots — we train stretchers.”

At Stretchworkz, we are proud to offer the most challenging training program of any of our competitors. Unlike some partner-assisted stretching companies, our training program doesn’t happen over the course of a weekend or a few hours at a brand workshop. We believe it starts with a quality hire—our Stretch Pros have degrees in Kinesiology, Bio-Mechanics, related BS fields, or start out as CPT’s or CMT’s in order to qualify for training. We combine a 20-hour “classroom” requirement (combining protocol and anatomical review), 10-20 hours of practice/observation/coaching, a written test-out as well as a practical test out—and this is before they touch their first client!

Within 90-days of employment, Stretch Pros are also required to complete an online Flexibility Specialist Certification.

Stretching is a craft. It’s easy to instruct someone to grab here, and pull -- it’s far more challenging to teach them the finesse necessary to be an effective stretcher. As we said earlier, we don’t train robots. Come feel the difference for yourself.

​We do not accept insurance. Check with your insurance company as they may reimburse you through an HSA, FSA or any wellness coverage they may offer.

Physical therapy assists recovery by working with the affected area directly through a variety of modalities. Stretch therapy is a kinetic chain approach utilizing active range of motion training, we are not restricted to specific body parts but we work with the entire muscular system as a whole. By working with the entire body, we may uncover something deeper that is causing your pain or your restricted movement. Our approach engages the nervous system and increases blood flow to actively assist the body’s healing process and to also re-teach the body its natural range of motion.

​​We require a 24-hour cancellation notice. Because there is usually a waiting list for available slots, a minimum of 24-hours notice allows us to extend the invitation to someone else. We are very understanding when life happens—just please let us know!

Cancelling your membership is really easy. Simply email us at Info@stretchworkz.com with your request and your studio/location manager will process your cancellation. All memberships are eligible for cancellation after the initial 3 month period. However, please note: cancellations may be subject to a fee.