Dominique D.

great place to stretch out especially if your a running or just working out. love the people who work here

David P.

Picture laying flat on your back, completely relaxed…

…your tired, tense, sore, neglected muscles carefully stretched and rejuvenated by a professional’s magic hands…

…every single muscle fiber given their due share of attention.

And after a soothing hour of being stretched out in angles and positions that is impossible to do alone… you feel…


As if all the rust on your body was stripped off.

I was a little skeptical, “I can stretch at home I don’t need someone else to do it for me”.

How naive of me. Now I know better. I would have signed up sooner!

You deserve nice things – why not give Stretch Workz a try?

You can book an appointment right here on their Facebook page.

-wobble wobble-

Mia S.

Skilled and hospitable staff have the techniques to help your body achieve its maximal flexibility, while creating an inviting atmosphere.

Kristen E.

I had Michael on Monday for a 30 minute stretch and was so impressed! As someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis, exercises like yoga can be taxing as well as helpful on my joints. Assisted stretch on the other hand is pure bliss. The effects last much longer for me than yoga or a massage, and require less effort to feel the benefits. Michael was friendly, professional, and intuitive. The joints in my legs felt 10x better when I got off the table. I was lighter, energized, and relaxed all at once. As someone training in physical therapy, he really knew what he was doing and made it such a worthwhile experience. Can’t wait to go back!

Brian P.

Absolutely the best. I have been a weekly client for over a year. The community atmosphere makes the stretch even better.