What To Expect From Your First Professional Stretch

What To Expect From Your First Professional Stretch

Booked an assisted stretch with us? That’s awesome to hear! We know that trying something new can be a bit intimidating, so we want to walk you through the Stretch Workz process, and tell you what to expect from your first stretch.

What To Wear For An Assisted Stretch

So what exactly do you need to wear to your first Stretch Workz appointment? We recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes; think of something you would wear to the gym, or to a yoga studio. 

Wear clothing with some give that can stretch along with you. Jeans or dress clothes, especially belts, can hinder the necessary movements we need to perform, so please don’t wear either of these types of clothing.

Please note that our stretching experience is not a massage, and is performed completely in public. Please dress appropriately for the setting, and remember to wear socks!

Showing Up For Your First Assisted Stretch

We ask that you please arrive 10 minutes early, so you can check in and complete all the necessary forms. Next, your stretcher will meet you, and go over the four steps that you’ll cover during your visit.

1) We will go over a lifestyle assessment to identify what your needs are.

We take time to learn more about your lifestyle, and what you hope to gain from your stretching session. Discussing this with your stretcher will help them get a sense of what kind of stretches you may benefit from.

2) We will assess your joint mobility and flexibility to identify any imbalances in your movement pattern.

Next, we assess your range of motion, and how flexible you are right now. This goes hand-in-hand with the first step, and tells us what stretches may help you achieve your goals. 

3) We will take you through a total body stretch, customized to your needs and tight areas

Depending on the price level you booked form, your stretch will be 25, 55 or 90 minutes long. 

4) To conclude the session, we will recommend a personalized stretching program.

With this program, you can practice some stretches at home in between sessions!


Will I Be Sore?

At Stretch Workz, your comfort is our top priority. Our goal is to relieve pain, not cause it. It’s not uncommon to feel sore after your stretch because we are engaging muscles that you may not be accustomed to using. Some people say their stretch “hurts so good” but please know that as a client, you are always in control. We always stop before going past a client’s comfort zone. 

For many people they often say they feel “lighter” or “taller” when they get off the table, usually they touch their toes or “shake themselves out”. Often they’re amazed at how good they feel. It’s a nice moment. But if you do find you have soreness following a stretch, it may last one or a few days, depending on your session. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to your Stretch Pro or a studio manager.